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3 min readMar 18, 2024

We have all been anticipating a return to the bull market for Crypto assets in 2024 and now we are seeing this to be the case. The Bitcoin ETFs and forthcoming Bitcoin halving have created enough of a buzz in the Crypto world for the bearish sentiments of 2023 to be overturned. And while Bitcoin steals the limelight, Etherum and other layer 1 cryptocurrencies are also rising in value.

The quieter downtime of the crypto winter was a chance for many projects to reevaluate their offerings away from the hype and expectations of the preceding hysteria surrounding all Web3 projects. This period of reflection has seen many projects disappear, whilst many others have evolved. Many of the projects that have survived have done so by adapting to new realities and more cautious expectations.

Here at Time Raiders®, we have been working with our partners to adapt to the changing times and we believe that we have come through the economic downturn stronger and more able to capitalise on the prevailing conditions. The core team have not divested themselves of their own XPND, but have HODLed throughout because they believe in the future of this project.

In the coming months, the Time Raiders® Beta demo will be updated and improved as new features are added, bugs and other issues are resolved, and the gameplay mechanics are refined to make this game one of the preeminent Web3 games available to early adopters of the Play-and-Earn paradigm.

As has been stated in previous updates and through our social channels, the team working on Time Raiders® was pared back during the leaner times. However, this was not time lost. In the months since the last update was released, many discussions have taken place and progress has been made on ensuring that the game will be appropriate for a more sophisticated gaming audience for whom the “hype of NFTs” in 2022, for example, was a distraction from the reality and success of Web3 gaming.

The Beta demo is available on Elixir and we urge everyone to download and play the latest iteration. It will be a really great help to us if as many people as possible from the community were to play the game over the next few weeks, even if you have played it previously. We are sure there will be features that you won’t have seen before. We would like to use this time to gain as much feedback as possible on a number of key aspects of the game and to this end, we are asking everyone to play the demo and to provide feedback by 30th April, and in doing so, participate in a great giveaway of digital assets which you can keep, trade or save to use in the game. We will release a separate post with details of how to download the game, provide feedback and claim rewards. Your feedback, thoughts and ideas will all be considered for the immediate development of the game as we work towards an imminent new release.

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