Time Raiders NFT Pre-Sale Exclusives: The Dambuster on BitMart

BitMart will be one of 5 exclusive launch partners hosting the Time Raiders NFT Pre-Sale — and BitMart has a special something to offer: The Lancaster Dambuster NFT

About the NFT Pre-Sale


You can now buy our NFTs on the following Platforms:

BitMart, Babylons, Enjinstarter

The NFT Pre-Sale goes live with all our Launch Partners on July the 20th on:
Rarible, Gate.io, BitMart, Babylons, EnjinStarter

Gear Up For The #INO!

Lancaster Dambuster

One of the biggest bombers of the war, the Lancaster Dambuster Bomber is ready to bring the heat… in massive amounts!

Look through the bomber scope of the Dambuster to direct the airstrike and a bouncing bomb will be directed to their target, hitting multiple enemies at once on the way. Few enemies will survive being in the blast zone, and buildings, doors, and pesky walls blocking your path will be just as impacted. This saves the need to carry explosives…

As the name implies, the Dambuster might also play a role against certain enemy structures.

Future Utility
Multiple Nazi Island Bases and Operations have been detected — and the Lancaster will serve as a great transport craft to smuggle Time Raider teams in under the radar, giving them the first chance to secure any Nazi loot being hidden away.

The Lancaster is effective at destroying buildings, and as such will be useful in removing obstacles on the way to new missions — only the Lancaster Bomber, Lancaster Dambuster, and V1 Rocket are able to do this, providing access to new areas and making it possible to claim any valuable loot hidden there.

What’s being offered in the Pre-Sale?
250 Lancaster Dambusters of 500 total supply costing $400 each.

About Time Raiders

The Greatest NFT Treasure Hunt of all TIME

Time Raiders is a Time Travel, Play-To-Earn NFT & Crypto Game.

Players travel through time and fight enemies to find loot. They can use these precious resources to power up their characters and weapons, craft new items, or sell them on the player-to-player market.

Everything in the game is an NFT that can be traded for Xpendium ($XPND), Time Raiders’ native in-game utility token.

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